Walter Sisulu University Rapid Refurbishment Project (Project Management)

Newground Projects fulfilled the position of project manager.  The project consisted of approximately 25 multi disciplinary projects varying between R1 million and R20 million each.  At the onset of the project no protocols existed and Newground had to establish and develop contractual communication lines and procedures to ensure that misunderstanding will not derail the project at a later stage.  A team of inexperienced engineers, architects and technicians was allocated to the project.  This required a high level of mentoring and management to ensure that quality deliverables were met.  The limited timeframe and cash flow were a major risk to the project.  Superior project management inputs were required to ensure that quality and cost deliverables were met.  The project value was approximately R145 million, it was completed within cost with R200,000 to spare and only two months late on a 24 month time commitment.

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